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This months message comes from a fellow chiropractor:

Cody Scharf is the owner of Thrive Spine and Sport, a chiropractic and soft tissue clinic focusing on sport and overuse injuries in Cedar Rapids, IA. Dr. Scharf is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic and certified through Integrative Diagnosis for the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue injuries.

By Cody Scharf, community contributor

Staring at your computer screen, you realize you need to take a break.

Deciding to get a drink of water, you stand up from your desk and head to the water cooler. While getting up from your desk, the phone that previously sat on your lap drops to the floor.

You bend down to pick it up when ... bang.

Pain in your low back has frozen you in position and you fight to stand back up. You find yourself hunched forward and to the side. Your low back is in spasm and only lets you do even tiny movements.

After work, you go home, take a shower, and try to relax and get ready for bed. You can’t get comfortable and you sleep terrible. The next morning is even worse. Pain killers and muscle relaxers aren’t touching it. You go to work and move around a little more and things begin to finally loosen up. A week later you are almost back to normal with only a little bit of pain in the mornings.

You dodged a bullet. Phew.

A couple months go by and things are going great. You go to hunch over a fellow co-workers computer screen and all of a sudden, low back pain strikes again. Same pain — maybe worse this time. You go through the same process and just over a week later things are almost back to normal. But now you’re worried. What is going on? Is it a sprain or is it a disc herniation?

While many people are familiar with low back pain and disc herniation, disc herniation or disc bulges account for only one to three percent of all low back pain cases. According to research, half of the patients similar to the one above will be diagnosed as having a sprain/strain.

Internal Disc Derangement, or IDD, is probably something you have never heard from your doctor. Shockingly, this accounts for almost 40 percent of all low back pain sufferers.

Symptoms of IDD include antalgia (hunched posture) with severe pain, guarded movement with muscle spasm, worse pain in the morning or with rest, worsening, multiple previous episodes and relief from symptoms within one to two weeks.

Odds are if you have ever hurt your low back and continue to struggle with pain, even on the rare occasion, this is you.

So what can you do? With IDD, it is often best to do nothing for the first few days of severe symptoms to allow the muscle spasm, pain and sensitivity to reduce. Waiting a few days allows inflammation to clear out of the injured area and treatment becomes much more effective.

Whether you have been suffering from this condition weeks or months, you will have soft tissue dysfunction, like adhesion, in structures that alter joint mechanics, placing more stress on the disc. This must be corrected in order to reduce the likelihood of this problem from returning.

Not fixing this issue will only lead to more problems down the road, like disc bulge and herniation. As always when symptoms are present, you have two options — ignore it or fix it.

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Matthew Ellerbrock, DC, ACRB-3, ART

Dr. Ellerbrock is an Elite Provider of Active Release Technique, popular with the National Football League, Major League Baseball and is considered the Gold Standard for musculo-skeletal injuries arising in the industrial settings.  He is also fully certified in Integrative Diagnosis, a systemic approach to achieve great results with soft tissue therapy.  Dr. Ellerbrock currently provides on-site support to two local industrial facilities which reduce work related injuries and allow employees to return to work quickly.  

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